De’VIA Challenges

Some examples of De’VIA theme-based and motif-based challenges that were hosted in De’VIA Central Facebook
De’VIA Theme Challenges
De’VIA History challenge:
Day 1 Deaf History DeVIA Day 1 b
Day 2 Deaf History DeVIA day 2 pdf
Day 3 deaf-history-challenge-revis-e28093-day-3-pdf
De’VIA ASL and Deaf Pride Challenge:
Day 1 of Two Day ASL Challenge
Day 2 of Two Day ASL Challenge

motifs all stevie naeyaert

Tree filled with 28 day challenge motifs by Stevie Naeyaert

De’VIA Motif Challenges
2015 Feb 28 Days Motif Challenge:
Day 1 day-1-_-chain-motif-pdf
Day 2 day-2-lightbulb-revised-motif-pdf
Day 3 Day 3 Feather motif pdf(2)
Day 4 Day4motifHANDaffirmative
Day 5 Day5motifMIRROR
Day 6 Day6HANDSTANDaffirmative
Day 7 Day7motifLOCKresistance
Day 8 Day8motifFLOWERaffirmative
Day 9 Day9motifPROFITresistance
Day 10 Day10motifBUTTERFLYaffirmative
Day 11 Day11motifJIGSAWPUZZLEresistance
Day 12 Day12motifCANDLEaffirmative
Day 13 Day13motifAGBELLresistance
Day 14 Day14LADDERmotif
Day 15 Day15 BLUE TAPEresistance
Day 16 Day16motifEYE_affirmative
Day 17 Day17motifHOOKresistance
Day 18 Day18 motif TREE affirmative
Day 19 Day19 MASK motif resistance
Day 20 Day20motifBABYaffirmative
Day 21 Day21motifNAILSCREWSresistance
Day 22 Day22motifHANDHOLDINGaffirmative
Day 23 Day23motifPUPPETresistance
Day 25 Day 25 OCTOPUS motif 28 Day Challenge
Day 26 Day  26 DOOR motif
Day 27 Day  27 Checkerboard motif
Day 28 Day  28 Round Table motif

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