D^AU Banner

D^AU Banner (2017) Acrylic on Vinyl 3 ft by 8 ft 







D^AU banner meaning click red text for PDF explaining the motifs and messages in the banner

De^ARTivists United banner (2017)
Created by Karen Christie, Patti Durr, Ellen Mansfield, Laurie Rose Monahan, and Nancy Rourke
(at Family Village in Michigan and Rochester, NY)

In honor of the original artwork of the world – hand prints in caves and various rock formations during prehistoric times and the 2nd Wave of De’VIA banner that was created in 2013 – the D^AU banner was created with multicolored hand prints and then black paint was painted around variojs motifs that were added to the banner to signify what D^AU is all about
D^ARTivists United (D^AU) mission:

  1. build a network of De’VIA artists whose works are committed to social justice and social equality
  2. seek opportunities and support for art about the Deaf experiences that involve taking and making a stand against injustice
  3. promote the inclusion of De’VIA works in galleries and museums
  4. organize and engage in peaceful non-violent activism while utilizing artistic expressions (via parades, vigils, workshops etc)provide workshops, teach-ins, artist-in-residencies, and consultation about Deaf View/Image Art De’VIA (art about the Deaf experience) and activism





























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